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  • Is everything vegan?
    Yes! We sometimes use terms such as cheese, bacon, chick'n to describe an item but Allie's uses 100% plant based ingredients.
  • Do you have gluten free options?
    Yes! PIZZAS & FLATBREADS Allie's has a housemade gluten free crust that can be used for any pizza or flatbread. However some pizzas have toppings that contain gluten. If the pizza is labeled GFO, there is no gluten in the toppings. You can also request substitiutions for toppings that contain gluten, for example substituting tofu for vegan chicken. OTHER MENU ITEMS that are gluten free: Falafel Rice Bowl Cashew Cheesecake House and Greek Salads (Caesar with modifications)
  • What size are your pizzas?
    Pizzas are medium size: 12" with six slices each.
  • What kind of cheese do you use?
    We make all of our own cheeses in house using a cashew base. We have three pizza cheeses: mozzarella, cheddar and smoked. Our mac 'n cheese sauce is soy-free and thickened with oat flour.
  • Can I order a half and half pizza?
    Yes and no. We can't make half and half pizzas of two different types, for example half Thai Peanut and half Hot Mess. However, we can add or remove toppings to half - for example Cheese pizza with half jalapeno, or Hot Mess with onions on just half.
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